6 Simple Team Building Tips That Can Have a Big Impact

Many team leaders think of team-building as a one-time event intended to solve communication or other issues on the team. They may reach for classic team building activities like the human knot in order to provide their teams with a chance to work together and grow. 

A different approach to team-building, however, can have a profound impact on your team. Keep these six tips in mind: 

1. Ask, “What do I want the team to practice?” 

“Team-building” is often a catchall for a wide range of skills team members might need, like communication, mutual respect, or coordinating their efforts. Start by asking which skills you think your team is lacking. Build team-building activities around these specific skills. 

2. Take your team seriously. 

Many team members hesitate to embrace traditional team-building activities because the activity can feel like a bandage used to cover up or ignore a larger problem. When choosing team-building activities, put yourself in the shoes of your team members. Will the activity genuinely help them see a problem in a new, productive way? Or is it just a feel-good measure? 

3. Balance serious goals with lighthearted means. 

While the goals of team-building should drive at building skills to solve a real problem, the means of skill-building don’t have to be dour. For example, if your goal is to spark creativity and team problem-solving, a photo scavenger hunt that requires team members to compose funny photos together can help build these skills while also being lighthearted and fun. 

4. Recreate real-world challenges in a fun way. 

The best team-building activities ask participants to tackle challenges that parallel those they face on the job. Using funny or gently self-deprecating means to recreate a work challenge can help the team share a laugh at themselves and at some of the biggest problems they face.  

5. Debrief honestly. 

Once the team-building activity is complete, open up the floor for team members to discuss their own experiences of the event. Make the sharing experience consequence-free, so team members can talk about both the good and the bad of their personal experiences. 

6. Ask for assistance. 

Team building doesn’t just happen during training. It’s also a key component of recruiting. To find the people you need, don’t hesitate to talk to a professional recruiter.  

The recruiters at THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC help companies throughout the Twin Cities find the talent they need to build strong teams. To learn more, contact our office today. 

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