How to Know When It’s Time to Make a New Hire

Every company faces employee turnover, as well as the occasional morale issue. Without a clear perspective on these problems, it can be difficult to know when turnover or sagging motivation is simply part of the natural cycle of business, or if they point to a larger problem within your organization. And without this perspective, it can be difficult to know whether a new hire would help address the issue.

Here’s what to consider when deciding whether it’s time to make a new hire:

  1. How Often Has This Position Turned Over Recently?

Some industries and positions have higher turnover than others. If an open position has seen more than average turnover recently, however, it’s time to take a look at the position itself and your hiring methods for it.

For instance, the position’s job description may be out of date. If so, it may no longer accurately reflect the day to day demands of the job, causing new hires to leave because they aren’t doing the job they thought they accepted. Or you may be accepting candidates who lack an essential skill needed for success in this role.

  1. Why Is The Team’s Motivation Slowing Down?

Employee motivation cycles, but a significant slowdown in motivation is cause for concern. If your team’s productivity is suffering or absenteeism is high, talk to team members about the stressors and challenges they face.

It may be time to make a new hire if your team reports being consistently swamped with work. Likewise, if the team continually faces challenges that lie outside its members’ skill sets, a new hire can help boost productivity by supplying the necessary skills to get those tasks done.

  1. What Other Problems Might Cause These Symptoms?

Stay alert for all potential causes of high turnover and low engagement, not merely those that can be solved with a new hire. You may find several ways to help your team, all of which can be part of solving a complex overall problem.

For information, guidance and perspective, don’t hesitate to talk to a recruiter.

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