How to “Sell” Your Company When Interviewing Job Candidates

As the unemployment level drops, companies throughout Minnesota and the United States find themselves struggling to attract and hire top talent. In a “candidate’s market,” it is more important than ever to “sell” your company when interviewing job candidates.

Here’s how to show your company in its best light during interviews:

Help the candidate feel comfortable.

Instead of rushing the candidate into your office, consider starting with a short tour. Introduce the candidate to key staff members and show them around the department. Doing so will help the candidate feel more like a guest and less like an intruder. The candidate will also get a better feel for the company and its culture. Ideally, your top candidates will even start envisioning themselves working with their new acquaintances – which makes it more likely they’ll accept a job offer.

Ask yourself “Why do you want to work here?”

Asking candidates why they want to work for your company may have been part of your interviewing routine for years. To sell the company to your candidates, however, it’s time to ask the same question of yourself. What do you love about your job? Why do people stay with the company – and why do others leave?

Jot down your own answers and those of two or three other top performers. Use these as the basis for your description of the company to the candidate. If your responses suggest any interview questions to add to your list, ask these as well.

Contact your recruiter for assistance.

As a “third party” with the confidence of the candidate as well as your confidence, your staffing partner can help you sell the company to the candidate. Talk to your staffing firm about which attributes they highlight when talking to candidates. Before interviewing a specific candidate, ask the recruiter what this candidate values in an employer – and connect these values to the features of your own company’s culture.

At THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC, our Twin Cities recruiters can help you identify the cultural attributes and values that make your organization unique – and sell these to the right candidate. Contact us today to learn more.

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