Feeling Lost in Your Career? These Quick Career Tips Will Help!

Have you lost the spark you once felt for your career? Many of us may find ourselves simply going through the motions each day, to the point where we begin to ask, “When was the last time I enjoyed what I was doing?” This is common and can happen to the best of us. The key is to remember this adage:

There will be many chapters in your life. Don’t get lost in the one you’re in now.

In other words, don’t lose hope. You can take a few introspective steps to better understand what you need from your career, helping you find the path towards your future.

How to find your career focus once again

The “you” you know and love is in there somewhere. You can reconnect with him or her, and then choose your next career move. Just use the following five techniques:

  1. Think about what you once loved. This could be something related to your career or your personal life. But whatever it is you know you love to do—make plans to go do it! Doing something you enjoy will help your mind relax. You’ll feel like yourself again in no time, and you may be more receptive to clues about your future.
  2. Take a trip. This could be somewhere nearby, like a beach or hiking trail, or somewhere you’ll need to reach by plane. Experiencing new surroundings will give you a fresh perspective on the world and help you feel more open to thoughts about your career. You may find inspiration when you least expect it.
  3. Look for clues in your everyday life. Deep down, you probably know what should be next in your career path. You just need to tune in and listen. Are you naturally drawn to a particular topic, TV show, movie, song, club or organization, pastime, etc.? What clues can you draw from the world around you and how you interact with it to help you find inspiration on your career path?
  4. Ask for help. Many professionals are available who specialize in helping you find your calling. This could be a career coach or recruiter. You could also talk with a friend, colleague or family member about how you’re feeling—they may see a side of you that you’re overlooking. It can never hurt to ask for help!
  5. Think outside the box. If you could change anything about your current job situation—no matter how outlandish—what would it be? By dreaming big, you can get a clearer understanding of what direction to move in. And always remember—you can do anything you set your mind to.

Don’t give up

By taking some time to look within yourself, you’ll be able to clear your head. Then, your next steps will begin to come into full focus.


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