3 Ways to Find Better Talent Through Your Job Descriptions

3 Ways to Find Better Talent Through Your Job Descriptions | THE RIGHT STAFF

One way to find better talent is through your job descriptions. The details you include help job seekers decide whether a position is right for them.

Including relevant keywords, limiting the skills and qualifications, and sharing your company culture should be part of your job descriptions. These details provide a clear idea of what working for your organization is like and what the role entails. Having this information encourages qualified talent to apply.

Implement these three ways to find better talent through your job descriptions.

1. Include Relevant Keywords

Most candidates use keywords and key phrases to search for job postings. Including relevant keywords and key phrases in your job description helps your job posting appear higher in search engine results. A higher rank increases the likelihood of candidates clicking on your job posting and applying.

Be sure to include keywords and key phrases in your job title. Using a common title that job seekers often search for helps your job posting be discovered.

For instance, if you need a skilled software developer, include the main skill in the job title. Examples include Python, Ruby, and JavaScript. You might specify the level of the job as well, such as Junior Python Developer or Senior Ruby Developer.

Specify what you are looking for. For instance, if you need a JavaScript expert, specify which frameworks, task runners, and collaborative tools they should have experience with.

2. Limit the Skills and Qualifications

Include only the three to five essential skills and qualifications in your job posting. Keep in mind that hard skills can be developed while on the job. Therefore, soft skills are more important when starting out.

Narrowing down your job requirements increases your talent pool. Women tend to apply to only the positions they are completely qualified for. As a result, limiting the necessary skills and qualifications encourages a wider range of job seekers to apply.

Emphasize the impact of the position on the organization. Show how the daily activities contribute to the company’s success.

Providing a sense of purpose attracts talent to your job posting. This widens your talent pool.

3. Share Your Company Culture

Include your company’s mission, vision, and values in your job description. This provides an idea of what to expect regarding your employees’ beliefs and interactions.

Demonstrate the type of talent who would fit well with your team. Share details of the type of personality and work style a top candidate would have.

Mention whether you offer remote or hybrid work accommodations or a flexible schedule. Include other details that promote work-life balance.

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