4 Ways to Continue Growing Company Culture as More Return to the Office

4 Ways to Continue Growing Company Culture as More Return to the Office | THE RIGHT STAFF

Company culture involves an organization’s mission, vision, and values. It guides the employees’ attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors.

Continuously growing company culture, as more employees return to the office, is essential. Your culture plays a key role in attracting and retaining top talent. Employees want to work for organizations where their contributions and results are recognized and rewarded.

Taking steps to continue growing your St. Paul company’s culture promotes coworker relationships, collaboration, and team cohesion. This benefits your bottom line.

Choose among these four ways to continue growing your company culture as more employees return to the office.

1. Define Your Company Culture

Clearly understanding the elements that make up your company culture guides how it should be carried out. This clarifies how your employees should interact with others.

To define your culture, determine which characteristics have contributed to your company’s success. Also, consider how your organization internally and externally engages in attaining desired outcomes.

Defining your company culture helps employees understand the values, beliefs, and attitudes they should carry out and reinforce at work. This helps with the transition as more employees return to the office.

2. Prioritize Your Company Culture During Onboarding

Emphasize your company culture as new hires acclimate to their roles and your organization. Ensure your culture is included in every part of your onboarding process.

For instance, you might share a presentation that defines your company’s mission, vision, and values. Include how these characteristics are carried out in your employees’ attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. Also, if your culture includes an open-door policy with company leaders, have an HR professional introduce new hires to the C-level team.

Promoting company culture during your onboarding process helps new hires understand your organization and how it is run. This provides a foundation for interacting with others while adapting to new roles.

3. Talk with Employees

Encourage managers to talk with their employees about your company culture. Find out whether there are any issues with the culture that must be resolved.

Having managers regularly check in with their employees helps fill employees’ needs. This shows value and respect for your workforce.

Consider sending anonymous employee surveys to gather constructive feedback on your company culture. Also, include culture-related questions in your exit interviews. Letting employees be heard provides insight into growing your culture.

4. Continuously Adapt Your Company Culture

Focus on changing your company culture to better fit your employees’ changing needs. This helps improve employee engagement, performance, and productivity. It also increases job satisfaction, employee attraction, and retention.

Regularly review your company culture to determine whether anything should be changed. Creating an attractive work environment encourages your employees to remain long-term.

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