Dreading Work Each Monday? 4 Tips to Help Ease Your Nerves

Dreading Work Each Monday? 4 Tips to Help Ease Your Nerves

Like many employees, you might experience feelings of dread about going to work on Mondays. If this feeling persists, it can interfere with your entire weekend. Before you realize it, it could be time to get up and get ready for another week of work. Rather than letting anxiety control your weekend, take action to relieve your adverse feelings. The following suggestions can help you stop dreading work each Monday.


Implement the following tips to resolve your feelings of anxiety about going to your Minneapolis job on Monday.

Write Down Your Concerns-

Spend 20 minutes making a list of everything that is causing you anxiety. This may include a stressful deadline or an important meeting. Include the tasks, people, and events that are causing feelings of dread. No details or a specific format are required.

Writing down your issues lets you release your emotions. This keeps your feelings from building up in your mind and body. Consider finding solutions to your problems as well.

Schedule Your Week

Spend 10 minutes writing down what you want to accomplish during the week. Include your work tasks, errands, and personal responsibilities. Add additional information that can make your week easier, such as the address for a doctor’s appointment. Gaining a clearer idea of what your week may look like lets you enjoy your weekend more.

You may want to purchase a planner or personal calendar to create your schedule. You might include intentions or goals for the week as well. This can send out positive vibes and make the planning process more enjoyable.

Plan a Fun Activity Each Day

Have something to get excited about each day. This may include meeting friends for dinner or participating in a yoga class. Having something to look forward to helps you focus on what you enjoy doing.

If you do not have something uplifting to do each day, make a list of things that make you happy. This may include walking at a park or participating in a sport—schedule time to engage in one of these activities when possible. Setting aside time to be happy is vital for your well-being.

Focus on Your Reason to Work

Emphasize your deeper motivation for going to work each day. Perhaps you want to earn money to purchase a home or take a vacation. Write down your “why” on a piece of paper. Keep it visible in a place where you can see it often, such as your bathroom mirror. This helps you focus on the good in your life. It also reminds you of the bigger purpose for why you do what you do.

Is It Time for a New Job?

If you are dreading work each Monday, starting a new job might help. Work with The Right Staff to find the job that best suits you. Visit our job board today!

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