Try Before You Buy: 4 Benefits of Our Project-to-Hire Services

Bringing aboard a worker through our project-to-hire services provides your St. Paul company with unique advantages over traditional hiring. The worker begins with a short-term assignment that can lead to long-term employment. You use this time to evaluate their ability to finish tasks on time, collaborate, and blend with your culture. This type of assessment provides a much more accurate picture of a worker’s potential than rounds of job interviews. It also helps them acclimate to your organization before deciding whether the work and environment are best suited for them. This reduces the disruption caused by bad hires.


Four Ways The Right Staff’s Project-to-Hire Services Can Benefit your Organization


Evaluate Performance Without a Commitment

Our project-to-hire services let you determine a worker’s qualifications and fit with company culture before deciding whether to permanently hire them. This allows you time to evaluate their skills, abilities, productivity, team fit, work ethic, and other relevant information to see if they have what you are looking for. If the worker fits your needs, you can bring them aboard full-time after their contract expires. If not, you can either extend the contract period or try another worker who may be a better fit.


Save Time and Money on Recruitment

The ability to bring aboard one of our workers without a long-term commitment requires less time and money than a traditional hiring process. Because several candidates come to you fully vetted, all you need to do is interview them, choose the one you want, and bring them aboard for a set period. Since we are the employer of record, you avoid having to cover payroll, payroll taxes, benefits, and other employer-related expenses. Once the worker’s contract is up, typically in 3-6 months, you can decide whether to extend their probationary time, hire them full-time, or have us send over additional candidates to interview. If the worker you chose is not a good fit, you avoid having to pay unemployment or spend time and money finding and vetting other candidates.


Gain Access to Specialized Skills

Using our project-to-hire services can provide you with a worker who has the niche skills your team may be lacking. Gaining a worker with such skills keeps you competitive in your industry. When projects come up that require hard-to-find skills, your company may be the one to receive the additional business.


Strengthen Employee Retention

Taking advantage of our project-to-hire services lets you increase the amount of time your employees stay with your organization. Because you gain insight into whether a worker may be capable of performing the work and willing to take on a role for the long haul, you know whether to permanently hire them or keep looking. When you find the right match, they add value to your team for a significant time. This keeps your team cohesive, collaborative and moving forward.


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