5 Ways Getting Back to Work Can Improve Your Mental Health

5 Ways Getting Back to Work Can Improve Your Mental Health

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, 2020 was a rollercoaster of events and emotions. Not knowing when the lockdowns would end and things could slowly begin to resemble some type of normalcy had everyone on edge. These experiences severely impacted everyone’s mental health. Fortunately, things are continuing to open up, and employees are going back to the office. Additionally, more people are finding jobs after prolonged times of not working. This can provide substantial benefits for your overall well-being.


Five Ways Going Back to Work Can Enhance Your Mental Health


Gain a Sense of Stability

After the turbulence everyone experienced during the pandemic, going back to the office provides some long-overdue stability. Transitioning back to your routine of getting ready for work, commuting, and greeting your coworkers as you walk through the door offers a feeling of normalcy. You can sit down at your desk, prepare for the day, and dive into your tasks. Knowing what to expect next is a great stress reducer and mood stabilizer. When you are without a job, you do not have any sense of stability. Finding a new and rewarding position can help.


Enhance Your Friendships with Coworkers

Even if you have enjoyed virtual happy hours, games, and other team activities, nothing compares to having in-person conversations with your coworkers. Because these friends work in your field, you may have similar thinking styles, worldviews, and interests. Since you typically spend so much time at the office, it is wonderful being able to reconnect in person with these members of your tribe. If you have been without a job for a long period of time, it is likley that you are missing out on this human interaction. Finding a job allows you to make new connections with people and build more friendships.


Perform the Activities You Enjoy

Whether you are going back to work in person or resuming employment after being laid off, you are able to do the work you enjoy. This provides the funds to engage in other activities that fit your interests. This may mean going out to dinner, attending an indoor concert, or participating in other experiences you were missing out on. This provides feelings of personal fulfillment and hope for the future.


Stay Intellectually Challenged

The monotony of having to shelter in place for the past year probably caused you significant boredom. If you have been without work, you might have struggled to challenge yourself intellectually. By going back to work, you can gather with your team to brainstorm, develop, and implement ideas for innovation. You also can collaborate with colleagues on team projects. Plus, you can suggest ideas for in-person activities that your manager can schedule to renew team bonds. Taking on challenges helps you stay engaged and productive.


Maintain a Sense of Self-Worth

The social isolation caused by the coronavirus lockdowns significantly increased feelings of anxiety, depression, and other mental illness. Not being able to experience the excitement, camaraderie, and support that you get from being in the office probably took a toll on your feeling of self-worth. Being able to meet with your team, dive back into your projects, and have talks around the water cooler will help you regain a sense of belonging and importance.


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