Unemployed? 6 Step Guide to Finding a Great Job in Minnesota

If you’re unemployed and looking for work, you’re probably putting in a great deal of thought, time and effort on the job search. But there may be steps you haven’t taken, or ways to make your existing work more efficient.

To help you land the job you want, we’ve created this simple six-step guide to supercharging your job search:

Clarify your goals.

It’s natural to lower your standards the longer you’re unemployed. As the days and weeks pass, your desire for “a great job” may slide slowly downwards, until “any job” sounds good. But if you give in to this urge, you’re likely to take a job that doesn’t work for you – and find yourself back on the hunt too soon.

Resist the impulse to settle by making a list of the things you want in an ideal job. Then, put that list someplace you’ll see it as you work on your job search every day. The list will help you identify employers that offer the right opportunities, and it’ll keep you from settling for a job that doesn’t fit you.

Focus on your accomplishments.

Anyone can repeat the list of duties and skills the employer put in a job posting, but not everyone can show how they used those skills or accomplished similar duties. Choose two or three of your best accomplishments that use the skills demanded in the job application. Focus on these in your resume, cover letter and interview answers to show you not only have the skills the employer wants, but you know how to use them.

Schedule your “work day.”

Finding a job is a job, so treat it like one. Schedule time every day to work on your job search, and stick to it. For instance, maybe you’ll tackle the job search from 8 a.m. to noon while your mind is fresh; or from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. when the house is quiet.

Network smarter, not harder.

Anonymous “networking events” do far less to advance your cause than reaching out to people who already know and care about you. Set aside one day a week to get together with someone from your personal or professional network. Meet for lunch or coffee, or just go for a walk and talk about your job search and your next career goal.

Stick the landing.

Always follow up after an interview with a potential employer by sending a brief thank-you note that restates your interest in the job. Thank-you notes leave the employer thinking well of you and demonstrate you’re keenly interested in working for the company – two things that can push you to the top of the “do hire” list.

Work with a recruiter.

Recruiters specialize in connecting with the employers and the industries they serve, which makes them a valuable source of “inside information” on job postings, company cultures, opportunities for advancement and more. Get a recruiter on your side to succeed in your job search.

At THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC, our Maple Grove recruiters can help you connect to some of the best jobs in Minnesota.  Contact us today to learn more.

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