Plymouth Career Spotlight: Human Resources Coordinator

“Human resources” is the term given to the people who work in any business. Those people and their skills are essential to the success of any company. 

The human resources department is often essential to the success of the professionals who pursue the company’s short- and long-term goals. Within the human resources department,  the human resources coordinator plays a vital role. 

What Does a Human Resources Coordinator Do? 

Human resources coordinators tackle the mountain of administrative tasks required for a human resources department to function smoothly. They assist human resources managers with tasks like recruitment, recordkeeping, payroll processing, and communicating effectively with all of the company’s employees.  

Often, human resources coordinators have deep knowledge and understanding of the various topics that human resources covers. They’re aware of employee relationships with the company and understand how those relationships affect workers. They also understand their workplace’s policies well, and can explain them effectively to anyone in the company. 

What Experience and Education Do I Need to Become a Human Resources Coordinator? 

The best human resources coordinators have outstanding communication skills, both in writing and in speaking. They are well-organized and excellent at time management. The ability to adapt and multitask in a fast-paced environment often serves human resources coordinators well.  

Many companies seek human resources coordinator candidates with a four-year degree in human resources or a related field, like business management. Experience working in human resources can make a candidate more appealing as well.  

The best human resources coordinator candidates can demonstrate their ability to work well under pressure, including tight deadlines, and to use standard office equipment and software to get their job done.  

Where Can I Find a Great Human Resources Coordinator Job in the Plymouth or Minneapolis Area?  

Talk to a recruiter! Recruiters specialize in understanding the industries and regions they serve. Your recruiter will have the inside scoop on human resources and other jobs, and they can help you connect to the right position and company for you.  

At THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC, our recruiters specialize in connecting Minnesota job-seekers to some of the best job opportunities and employers in our state. If you’re looking for a new career path or for the next step on your current path, contact us today for assistance.

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