Brooklyn Park Career Spot Light: Technical Customer Service

Technology has become commonplace in many areas of our lives. As new technological solutions appear for common everyday tasks, however, they can also baffle the people seeking to implement these tools to make their lives easier.  

Technical customer service specialists, also known as technical support representatives, help answer questions about equipment and products.  

What Does a Technical Customer Service Specialist Do? 

Technical customer service specialists help customers troubleshoot problems with a piece of equipment, appliance, device or other technological product. They serve as a helpful resource and are often the first line of communication between a customer and a company. Tech support specialists may also be responsible for installing equipment or appliances.  

All tech support team members are expected to communicate effectively with customers, keep records of the work they do and the questions they answer for customers, and collaborate with other members of their team and company in order to improve the work done by the technical customer service department. 

What Training Do I Need to Be a Technical Customer Service Specialist? 

Many technical customer service specialists enter the career field with only a high school diploma or GED. Some have college degrees in related fields, like computer science, or they are working toward a degree in one of these fields.  

Many employers prize a strong willingness to learn on the job since tech support staff must focus on the specific needs and designs of the products the company offers. 

The best technical customer service specialists are excellent at remaining calm and patient, even when faced with a frustrated or angry customer. They’re strong communicators who can find creative solutions to problems when necessary and can also follow step-by-step instructions for troubleshooting.  

The ability to use a computer, including familiarity with common office software, can help.  

Where Can I Find a Great New Job as a Technical Customer Service Specialist? 

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