Minneapolis Career Spotlight: Customer Care Representative

Nearly everyone has communicated with a customer care representative at some point in their lives. These members of a company’s team play a vital role in answering customers’ questions, explaining key issues, and connecting the customer to the person within the company who can answer their questions best.  

What Does a Customer Care Representative Do? 

Customer care representatives serve as the point of first contact between a customer and a company. They may provide information and answer questions about products and services. As part of these tasks, they focus on providing clear, helpful information that encourages undecided customers to work with the company.  

Customer care representatives may help new customers set up accounts, make purchases, and gather information. They may take calls from returning customers who have questions or need help. In both cases, customer care representatives must listen carefully to the customer’s needs. Occasionally, the customer care representative must decide whether the problem is one they can help with or whether the customer needs to speak to someone else within the company.  

Customer care representatives may also be required to maintain accurate records and to report on their work to others in the company.  

What Education and Experience Do I Need to Become a Customer Care Representative? 

Because customer care representatives handle company-specific information, much of the knowledge they need for the job is taught to them as part of onboarding or ongoing training sessions from their employer. 

To be equipped to do the job well, customer care representatives typically need a minimum of a high school education. College coursework, especially in business, marketing, or customer service, can help candidates stand out. Knowing how to use computers and phone systems quickly and effectively is essential. 

Companies seeking customer care representatives are especially interested in candidates who have prior experience in customer service, such as by working in a customer-facing business. The ability to listen, resolve conflict, multi-task, and solve problems are a must.  

Where Can I Find Work as a Customer Care Representative in Minneapolis? 

At THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC, our recruiters help connect Minneapolis job-seekers to some of the best job opportunities and employers in the Twin Cities. If you’re interested in work as a customer care representative, or if you want to explore your career options, contact us today. 

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