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New Brighton Career Spotlight: Escrow Administration and Homeowners Insurance Specialist

November 26th, 2020

Helping people find and keep their dream home can be an intensely satisfying job. Escrow administrators and homeowners insurance specialists help homeowners by attending to key details regarding the financing and protection of a new home. 

What Do Escrow Administrators and Homeowners Insurance Specialists Do? 

Escrow administrators and homeowners insurance specialists focus on key financial aspects of purchasing a home. These include setting up and monitoring escrow accounts during homebuying negotiations and helping homebuyers purchase the right homeowners insurance policy for their new property. 

Escrow administrators and homeowners insurance specialists build relationships with customers in order to better understand their escrow and insurance needs. They explain various options for customers, depending on the customers’ specific needs, and may offer recommendations on which path to take.  

Typical job duties for escrow administrators and homeowners insurance specialists include educating customers, making recommendations, evaluating any existing escrow accounts or policies and making corrections when needed, and maintaining confidentiality of customer information. They are also expected to represent their employer professionally in all communications with customers and other parties involved in a home sale. 

What Skills Are Required for Escrow Administrators and Homeowners Insurance Specialists? 

Escrow administrators and homeowners insurance specialists need strong skills in sales and customer service. Excellent communication skills are a must, as is the ability to analyze financial information quickly. The ability to self-direct work is essential as well.  

These professionals are required to have a high school diploma or equivalent education at a minimum. College classes or a degree in sales, marketing or business administration can help set a candidate apart from others.  

For some insurance specialists, licensing and continuing education are required in order to continue selling insurance products.  

How Do I Find a Job as an Escrow Administrator and Homeowners Insurance Specialist in the Minneapolis Area? 

If you’re looking for work in New Brighton or anywhere in the greater Minneapolis area, don’t hesitate to talk to an experienced recruiter. The staffing professionals at THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC specialize in connecting job-seekers to some of the best jobs and opportunities in and near the Twin Cities. Contact us today to learn more.  


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