How Long Should I Wait to Follow Up After an Interview?

It’s natural to want to hear back right away after a job interview, especially if you gave an excellent interview or are especially excited about the job. Yet it’s important to temper this excitement with an understanding of a hiring manager’s perspective. 

Follow up too soon after a job interview, and you may seem desperate. Wait too long, and you may seem as if you don’t care.  

What’s the right time frame to respond after an interview? Here’s what to consider. 

 1. Wait times differ in different industries. 

While the average time between job opening and the new hire is about 38 days across all industries, some industries hire faster than others. In addition, highly popular companies often field more applications, which means they need more time to sort through them.  

It’s important not to compare this job to others for which you or someone you know may have been hired. Each employer and field faces different pressures that affect wait times. 

2. Follow up quickly, then be patient. 

Immediately after an interview, it’s okay to give in to the urge to follow up. Sending a thank-you email within a day or two after your interview shows that you’re still thinking about the experience and that you’re glad you had the opportunity. 

After this initial thank-you, however, it’s often best to let the hiring manager do their job in peace. Waiting at least 10 days, and preferably 14, before reaching out again allows the company to consider its options without feeling pressured or writing you off as desperate.  

3. Don’t disappear entirely. 

After about two weeks, it makes sense to follow up so that you know what’s happening. Often, hiring managers may still be interviewing other candidates, which makes the wait a typical one. In some cases, however, budget cuts or other events may mean the job has evaporated. 

Whatever the case, it’s important to touch base again after two weeks. Mention that you’re still interested in the position and ask for an update.  

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