Minneapolis Career Spotlight: Data Entry

Data entry specialists focus on ensuring that information gathered from customers, clients, and other sources is entered into the business’s computers in a way their software can use and analyze. As a result, they play a key role in a wide range of business practices. 

What do data entry professionals do? 

Data entry staff are responsible for entering customer and account data into business databases and software. They compile information, verify its accuracy, and sort it in preparation for the task of computer entry.  

During this process, they also review data for mistakes or omissions, correct entries so the computer software can understand them, and double-check to make sure no mistakes were made. The data entry professional may also perform research in order to fill in any missing or erroneous data.  

A data entry professional often works with a team of people who focus on the same work. They may report to a Data Manager whose job is to oversee the work, answer questions, and determine how to solve any unusual problems that arise.  

What skills and experience do I need to succeed in data entry? 

When hiring people to work in data entry, employers prize experience in data entry. While education beyond a high school diploma or equivalent is not typically required, additional training in computer software, especially programs used by the employer, can help a candidate stand out. Experience with common office equipment like fax machines and scanners is helpful as well.  

The ability to type quickly and accurately helps a data entry professional stay on top of their work. Attention to detail is essential, as the data entry specialist is responsible for making sure that information is put into the system correctly and completely every time.  

Because many data entry specialists handle confidential information about customers, including personal and financial information, the ability to maintain confidentiality is a must. Highlighting your work with confidential information in past positions can help employers understand your ability to protect key data.  

Where can I find a great new job in data entry in Minneapolis? 

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