5 Tips to Prepare You for Your Next Interview

Interviews are a relatively rare event. Their rarity makes them special, but it can also make them nerve-wracking. 

Whether it’s been years since your last interview or you simply want to brush up your skills before your next one, here are five ways to prepare to give an outstanding interview. 

1. Think in terms of your accomplishments.  

When preparing for an interview, think about the work you’ve done in the past in terms of accomplishments. What goals have you reached or achievements have you made in each job?  

Frame your interview answers around two or three of your top accomplishments in past jobs. By doing so, you tell stories that are memorable, and you demonstrate that you can succeed on the job because you’ve already succeeded in the past.  

2. Review the job description.  

Take a look at the job posting again. With your past accomplishments in mind, identify items in the job posting that line up to tasks or goals you’ve achieved in the past. Use these as the focus of your preparation for common interview questions.  

By aligning the stories you plan to tell with the job description, you demonstrate your readiness to take on this specific job. You show that you’ve thought about the value you bring to the team and the company.  

3. Summarize yourself. 

Nearly every interview includes some variation on the request, “Tell us about yourself.” Hiring managers who ask for this information don’t want your life story – they want to know how you see yourself as a professional and what you’re looking for from your next job. 

To prepare for this question and others like it, summarize your current career position and your goals in two to three sentences. Where are you in your career now, and where do you want this job to take you? 

4. Consider your ideal workplace. 

Every interview offers you a chance to ask the employer questions as well. Taking this chance helps you determine whether you really want to work for this company and this manager, and it demonstrates that you’re engaged in the process. 

To find questions to ask, think about your ideal workplace. Then, ask questions that relate to those traits. For instance, if your ideal job offers many opportunities for learning and advancement, you might ask “How do you help members of your team grow in their jobs and advance in the company?”  

5. Seek help to prepare. 

An outside perspective on your interview preparation can help you succeed. Talk to trustworthy friends, family, or colleagues, or reach out to a recruiter for assistance in your job search and interview preparation. 

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