Minneapolis Career Spotlight: Client Services/Operations Associate

Every business strives to keep its clients and customers happy so that it can maintain its business and build a positive reputation to attract new business. Client services associates, also known as operations associates, play a crucial role in building strong business-client relationships. 

What does a client services/operations associate do? 

Client services associates or operations associates help build stronger relationships between a business and its clients or customers. For instance, they may answer customer questions, work on strategies to improve customer service, train other members of the customer service staff, authorize refunds, and help to bring new clients on board. 

Often, these professionals form a sort of second-line in customer service. A customer’s first point of contact will often be a customer service representative; if the representative doesn’t know the answer to a question or isn’t authorized to assist, they can turn to the client services associate for help. Client services and operations associates usually help customer service representatives better understand and perform their own roles, as well.  

What skills and experience are needed to become a client services/operations associate? 

As in other customer-facing roles, client services, and operations associates need outstanding communication skills, including the ability to listen to others and take their perspective into account when solving problems.  

Client services and operations associates are often called upon to solve the client’s problems at a time when tensions are running high or the client is becoming frustrated. Being able to stay calm, polite, and professional in trying circumstances is essential. 

An ability to focus on and meet deadlines helps client services and operations associates succeed, as do strong internal motivation, the ability to prioritize tasks, and good computer literacy skills.  

Typically, employers look for candidates who have a degree in business or a closely related field, like marketing or human resources. Employers also prize client services and operations associate candidates with experience in customer service 

Where can I find a job as a client services/operations associate in Minneapolis? 

At THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC, our recruiters work with job-seekers throughout the greater Minneapolis area to help them connect to some of the best jobs and employers available locally. To learn more, contact us today.  

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