5 Ways to Nail the Second Interview

The first interview gives you and an employer a chance to get to know one another and begin to judge how well you’d work together. The second interview digs deeper into your skills, comparing you to only a few additional candidates. 

Being asked to give a second interview proves you’re among the top picks for the job – and your task is to prove that you’re the top pick. Here are five ways to do just that. 

1. Get the itinerary. 

Second interviews are often quite long. They may involve interviews with multiple people, a job-shadowing component, a panel interview, or other tasks.  

When you schedule a second interview, ask if you can have a copy of the agenda for the day. Knowing what to expect can help you prepare, which also helps calm any nervousness. 

2. Do your research. 

You probably learned something about the company while you were applying, but now it’s time to do a deep dive. Use your favorite search engine to learn everything you can about the company, from what’s on its website to mentions of it in recent news articles. If you know someone at the company, ask them to describe their take on its management, staff, and current goals.  

3. Review your performance from the first interview. 

Many second interviews circle around to similar questions as those asked in the first interview, especially if the interviewers are meeting you for the first time. Review your responses in the first interview, and think about which questions weren’t asked in the first interview that might be asked in the second.  

4. Add to the conversation. 

It’s common to walk out of a first interview, only to kick yourself mentally for having failed to say something important. A second interview offers the opportunity to fix these mistakes. Think about how to incorporate new information into your answers, or how to raise a question you’ve thought of since the first interview. 

5. Don’t go it alone. 

Talk to a friend or recruiter who knows the company well. Ask someone you trust to help you practice for a second interview. By working with others, you can prepare more effectively and help calm any lingering nerves.  

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