5 Ways a Staffing Company Can Help Your HR Team

When unemployment is low, qualified candidates often have their pick of job offers. Companies find themselves competing more directly with other companies to attract and retain the best talent.

To gain an edge in this competitive employment market, ally with a staffing firm. Your staffing partner can help you:

  1. Communicate Your Employment Brand

Your employment brand answers every candidate’s number-one question: “Why should I want to work for this company?” A strong employment brand attracts the attention of candidates who are likely to thrive on your team. Your staffing partner can help you clarify, establish and communicate your employment brand, setting your company apart.

  1. Vet Candidates Effectively

Staffing agencies take on many of the “busy work” tasks that occupy hiring managers at the start of the hiring process, such as checking references and reading resumes. By doing so, your staffing partner helps you narrow down the field to the qualified candidates who are most likely to respond well to an offer of an interview or job.

  1. Tap Into Hidden Talent

“Passive candidates” are those who are already working in their field, but who would accept a job offer from a new employer if the conditions were ideal. While it can be tough for businesses to connect with these candidates, recruiters build relationships with them regularly. Work with a staffing firm, and you increase your chances of landing an introduction to a passive candidate who has been waiting for the job you offer.

  1. Manage Your Staffing Budget

Payroll occupies a significant portion of most business budgets. When you need more staff but also need to mind your staffing budget, talk to a recruiter. Staffing firms offer a number of ways to control costs while also finding the talent you need.

  1. Create a Long-Term Strategic Staffing Plan

One of the best ways to prepare for changes in the employment market is to plan ahead for the skills you’ll need to hire for in the coming month and year. Your staffing firm can help you create a long-term strategic staffing plan, so you’re always attracting good talent.

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