Minneapolis Career Spotlight: Clinical Recruiter

Minneapolis has seen growth in a wide range of industries and career fields. One of the hottest jobs available currently is in the position of a clinical recruiter.

What Do Clinical Recruiters Do?

A clinical recruiter, also known as a medical recruiter, helps doctor’s offices and hospitals find the doctors, nurses and other staff members they need to provide high-quality healthcare. They serve as an intermediary and point of communication between job candidates and the healthcare organization.

Clinical recruiters may spend their days reviewing resumes, interviewing candidates and negotiating salaries. They specialize in understanding the skills and experience required to succeed in the healthcare field generally and in the specific organization they serve.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the need for clinical recruiters will grow 5 percent between now and 2028.

What Background Do You Need to Be a Clinical Recruiter?

Like other human resources professionals, clinical recruiters typically have a high school diploma or equivalent at a minimum. Many also have a bachelor’s degree before they begin their job, or they earn this degree while also launching their clinical recruiter career.

Clinical recruiters receive on the job training in tasks like using the healthcare organization’s specific software systems, understanding the organization’s hiring needs and performing the organization’s specific hiring procedures correctly.

To succeed as a clinical recruiter, a candidate needs strong written and spoken communication skills and the ability to work closely with people. Many employers prefer that candidates have experiences in a related field, such as human resources or customer service.

Where Can You Find a Great Clinical Recruiter Job?

If becoming a clinical recruiter interest you, don’t hesitate to contact a staffing firm that places clinical recruiters. A recruiter can help you learn about the specifics of open jobs, introduce you to healthcare organizations that are hiring, and polish your resume and interview skills.

Looking to Land Your Next Job?

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