Minneapolis Career Spotlight: Medical Assembly Line Lead

The medical device and equipment industry continues to grow as the U.S. population ages and as new advances are made in medical treatment. While the media often focuses on the inventors of these products, their benefits wouldn’t be available to the public without the work of the medical assemblers responsible for creating each item, and the leaders who help them meet their daily work goals.

What Does a Medical Assembly Line Lead Do?

A medical assembly line lead assists a team of medical assemblers in building, maintaining and customizing medical equipment. As the line lead, they may be in charge of helping other team members understand the job, solving conflicts or equipment malfunctions, and organizing or coordinating the team’s daily work schedule.

In addition, the assembly line lead may be asked to step in at any time and help with the tasks of medical assembly. These may include putting devices together, preparing items made to order, or handling repairs.

What Skills or Certifications Does a Medical Assembly Line Lead Need?

Many medical assembly line leaders start their jobs as medical assemblers. Typically, these workers have a high school diploma or equivalent education. For some leadership roles, employers may seek additional years of education in business or an equivalent amount of experience in management.

On the job training is a common feature of medical assembly line lead jobs. Employers provide their medical assemblers with education on using the company’s specific tools and equipment, as well as information on how the company performs key tasks and manages its workers.

Key skills that help medical assembly line leads thrive on the job include orientation to detail, good hand-eye coordination, accuracy and time management.

How Can You Find a Great Job as a Medical Assembly Line Lead?

To find work as a medical assembler or medical assembly line lead, talk to a recruiter who specializes in connecting Minneapolis-area job seekers with jobs in this growing industry.

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