4 Reasons Why You Should Stay in Touch With Your Employer

Burning bridges when you leave a job is never a good idea, no matter how tempting it may seem. While simply leaving on good terms can benefit you, the best way to use your previous experience with an employer in your future career is to make sure you stay in touch with previous employers.

Here’s why it benefits you to maintain those connections:

  1. Managers Talk to One Another

Managers in various businesses and companies talk to one another. Professional conferences, job fairs, and other events bring managers together, allowing them to share and compare notes.

When your manager at your previous job thinks positively of you, he or she is more likely to express that positivity to your current manager if they encounter one another at a professional event – or to any number of managers who could be your future boss. Word gets around that you’re a trustworthy professional who is great at your job, and all you have to do is maintain one relationship.

  1. Your Professional Network Grows

Every professional who knows your skills and respects your work is a member of your professional network. Often, there’s no stronger member of your network than a previous employer who benefits from your work and is enthusiastic about your contributions to a team.

When you burn bridges, you lose the chance to add everyone at your last job to your professional network. As a result, you cut yourself off from job opportunities that these people could otherwise mention in the future.

  1. You Can Gain Support or Insight at Critical Moments

In your future career, you may have a question or problem that you need help to address. And your previous manager or co-workers might be just the people who have the answer.

By staying in touch with them, you stay in touch with a source of information that can benefit you in your next position. Make it easy to reach out to past colleagues, and you make it easy to impress your current team.

  1. Your Recruiter Can Better Understand Your Goals

When you stay on good terms with a previous employer, you and your recruiter gain an ally in the quest to better understand and implement your career goals. You can work with your previous boss for ideas, or your recruiter may be able to consult with your previous employer on key questions.

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