Minneapolis Career Spotlight: Customer Service Representative

Every business that serves customers relies on customer service representatives. In some businesses, this job is folded into other positions; in others, a customer service representative is itself a full-time position, requiring a specific set of skills.

What Does a Customer Service Representative Do?

Customer service representatives act as the point of connection between a business and its customers. They may answer customer questions, address complaints, or be the first ones to deal with an emergency.

Customer service representatives may also help customers with routine tasks, like how to place an order or change an order. They answer customers’ questions about products and services and may even help sell products and services to customers.

What Certification or Training Does a Customer Service Representative Need?

Most customer service representatives have a high school diploma or equivalent. While most employers don’t demand additional education, a background in the industry you’re applying to work in can be helpful. For instance, customer service representatives who wish to work with a trucking company can benefit from having spent time working around trucks in the past.

Typically, employers offer on the job training for their customer service representatives. Training can involve learning how to use software related to customer service, like sales platforms and customer management databases, as well as how to communicate effectively with customers in the style the employer prefers. Customer service representatives may also learn about the company’s products and services.

Communication skills are essential for good customer service representatives. The ability to communicate through both speaking and writing are a must. In addition, customer service representatives benefit from being able to multitask: for instance, they may need to lookup information on their computer while also speaking on the phone to a customer.

How Can I Find a Great Job as a Customer Service Representative?

Customer service representatives are a growing professional field. With so many opportunities available, narrowing down the ideal position and employer for you can be tough.

Don’t hesitate to speak to a recruiter who specializes in placing customer service representatives in your city or region. Your recruiter can help you connect with the best opportunities for you based on your skills and career plans.

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