Be Your Best Salesperson: Ways to Build a Professional Brand

When you search through job ads, the ads most likely to stick in your memory are those with a clear voice, personality, and purpose. You can tell at once what sort of environment the company promotes and what it cares about most.

These details from the employer’s brand. And while many job-seekers use employer brand information to decide where to apply, fewer realize that intentionally building their own brand can cause them to stand out in an employer’s mind, too.

Here’s how to build a professional brand that portrays you as the ideal candidate for the job:

  1. Clean Up Your Social Media

Every major social media site offers a number of tools for shaping and refining the information that hiring managers and other members of the public can see. Look around your profiles to find the privacy settings, as well as tools for seeing your profile the way a casual visitor might see it.

Make sure everything visible to those outside your friends and follower groups portrays you as the kind of professional you want to be.

  1. Connect With Other Professionals Via LinkedIn

LinkedIn focuses on career-building. Not only can you create a professional profile and portfolio on the site, but you can also join groups and forums that allow you to share your expertise and to learn from leaders in your industry.

Remember to keep up on your messages and posting on LinkedIn for best results. Check notifications at least once a day, and respond promptly to messages.

  1. Stay On Top of Your Inbox

The smartphone era has made it easier than ever to know exactly when a recruiter or employer has contacted us, but it’s also trained us to ignore many of the notifications we receive on our phones throughout the day.

Consider limiting your phone settings to notify you only about the channels through which a recruiter or employer might contact you, like email or voicemail. Then, respond immediately when a notification appears. The quicker you respond, the better your image with employers and recruiters.

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