Minneapolis Career Spotlight: Data Entry Specialist

Data entry specialists are in increasing demand in a wide range of businesses and industries. The digital revolution has generated a pressing need for workers who are detail-oriented, focused and diligent.

Here’s what Minneapolis job-seekers need to know about data entry specialist positions.

What Do Data Entry Specialists Do?

Data entry specialists bridge the gap between paper-based information and digital information. They gather information that’s still written on paper sources and enter it into electronic data systems, which store and analyze the information.

These specialists play an important verification and gatekeeping role in the collection and analysis of data. They check information to make sure it’s correct and ensure that both paper copies of information and digital versions are stored correctly. They use a number of tech tools in their work, including computers and scanners.

What Training Do Data Entry Specialists Need?

Most data entry specialists start their careers with only a high school diploma or GED. They often receive specialized training on the job, learning the details of the data systems and tools that their employer uses.

Key skills required in data entry include the ability to type efficiently and to use common spreadsheet and word-processing programs. Being able to learn new computer systems and programs quickly can help data entry specialists advance on the job as they pick up new skills.

Since data entry depends on accuracy, these specialists must also be excellent at spotting errors both in written documents and in their own entry of this information into digital systems. The ability to decipher written information, including unclear handwriting, is highly valuable as well.

Since data entry must often be done quickly, the ability to manage time well and to find the most efficient route to a solution are highly prized skills among employers of data entry specialists.

Where Do Data Entry Specialists Find Great Jobs?

Many data entry specialists learn about available jobs through their recruiters, who connect with companies that are seeking people with the necessary skills for data entry. Your recruiter can help you determine whether data entry is right for you, as well as help you connect with employers who provide the job opportunities you want.

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