Minneapolis Career Spotlight: Customer Care Representative

What Does a Customer Care Representative Do?

Customer care representatives are a company’s point of contact with their customers. Those who work in this position represent their company, its brand, personality, and level of quality.

A customer care representative may provide information, answer customer questions and direct customers to the best product or service to meet their needs.  They also create and maintain customer records and contribute to recording accurate financial information for each customer. Customer care representatives may be asked to create reports that include customer data or to work with other team members to improve customer service.

One key focus of a customer care representative’s work is to help customers solve problems. The customer care representative will work with the customer to understand the problem, figure out what caused it, and communicate the best solution. Once the customer chooses which solution to pursue, the customer care representative helps them complete the task so the customer receives the results they need.

What Do You Need to Become a Customer Care Representative?

While many customer care representatives have completed only a high school diploma or equivalent certification, nearly all receive on the job training to better understand their company’s products, services, and processes for good customer support.

Those who wish to further their formal education often seek degrees in fields like sales, marketing or public relations. Certain customer care representative jobs also require a college degree. For instance, when a product is extremely technical, customer care representatives may need an associates or bachelors degree in a field related to the product so they can better communicate about the product to customers.

Certain soft skills are essential for success as a customer care representative. These include the ability to analyze information, solve problems, listen and respond with empathy, resolve conflict, and multitask. Skills with phones and computers are essential, since customer service representatives frequently use the phone to talk to customers and document each interaction via computer.

How Can You Find a Great Customer Care Representative Job in Minneapolis?

Customer care representative jobs are expected to grow faster than the national average in the next five years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. To find a great job in this field, work with a recruiter who specializes in placing customer care representatives within the Twin Cities.

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