Quick Tips to Assure Your Hires are the Superstars You Want Them to Be

Most companies focus considerable resources on their hiring processes in order to find top candidates. Once your new hire is on the team, however, it’s important to focus on helping your new employee maintain that “superstar” momentum.

Here are some key industry methods for motivating employees, building a positive office environment and maintaining productivity and engagement.

  1. Make communication easier.

It’s easier for employees to stay engaged if they know they can easily ask questions or seek help. To promote connection-building, make it easier for employees to speak to managers when they need help. Encourage team members to ask questions of and support one another, as well as to ask questions of leadership when they can’t solve a problem on their own.

  1. Hold your team accountable.

A daily accountability practice helps keep staff focused. It also underscores the importance of their work, maintaining a sense of relevance and immediacy that are essential to high engagement.

One way to start such a practice is to require your team to “check in” near the end of every workday with a brief statement of what they’ve accomplished. Even one sentence helps them focus; it serves as a reminder that “I’m going to have to tell my boss what I did today, so I should get to work.”

  1. Create concrete opportunities for advancement.

Engagement suffers in organizations that make advancement vague or impossible. Keep your staff working for a concrete goal by setting goals with them during annual performance reviews. Use each person’s strengths and weaknesses to discuss appropriate goals, and encourage them to keep their goals SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-Bound.

  1. Provide regular feedback.

Staff tend to forget what was said during their annual performance review as the year progresses. To keep their memories fresh and maintain their progress toward goals, hold informal feedback sessions several times a year. These sessions also help enhance communication while providing a sense that the organization cares about each staff member’s success.

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