Don’t Wait: How to Advance Your Career in 2019

If 2018 was a year that left you stuck in a career rut, don’t let another year go by without making a change. Here’s how to start planning now to make a career change in 2019.

1. Find out what’s available.

Often, a career stalls when a necessary step in the plan fails to materialize on time. For instance, you may have planned to earn a promotion in 2018, only to find that no promotions were available in your company.

Start advancing your career by examining your options. For instance, other companies may be hiring people into the position you hoped to be promoted to, or the chance to make a lateral move may be too good to pass up.

2. Assess your own strengths and weaknesses.

What kind of move would allow you to show off your strengths, while supporting and improving on your weaknesses?

Start pinpointing these options by assessing your own strengths and weaknesses. Questions like “What kind of work do I really love?”, “What work do I get complimented on most?”, and “Which tasks do I avoid?” help you understand where you shine and look for career options that allow you to shine brighter.

3. Understand your dream job and company.

At this step, take the strengths and weaknesses assessment and apply it to your current job or to jobs you’ve held in the past.

Ask questions like “What did I love about this job?”, “What did I dislike about this job?”, and “What do I wish my boss had done differently?” to better understand what you do and don’t want in an employer. Clarifying what your best work environment looks like can help you find employers that offer it.

4. Don’t drop the ball.

If you’re currently working, it’s important not to let the quality of your work slide because you’re thinking about how to change your position. Instead, renew your commitment to doing the best work possible, so you have a strong current track record to show interviewers.

5. Ask for the help you need.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help. A recruiter can help you find companies and job openings that match your strengths and weaknesses and offer the work environment you need to thrive in your career.

At THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC, our recruiters can help you take the career step you want in 2019, whether it means finding a new job or moving into a better position with a Roseville company you love. To learn more, contact our Twin Cities recruiters today.

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