Starting Out in Your Career? Top Reasons You Should Consider Going to Trade School

Whether you’re just out of high school, considering a career change or entering the job market for the first time, don’t overlook the skilled trades. Here’s why trade school should be on your list of considerations.

Salaries for skilled trades often match or outpace salaries for college degrees.

College can seem like the obvious choice for a new career. If your goal is to earn a solid living for yourself and your family, however, the numbers demonstrate that the skilled trades offer equal or better opportunities to earn good money for full-time work.

When considering skilled trades options, learn about the expected salaries in those positions, as well as the pay offered for positions in the Minneapolis area that require those skills. You may find that trade school will pay off better than college in the long term.

Trade school is a better fit in many household budgets.

In addition to offering competitive salaries, skilled trades can be cheaper to learn than earning a four-year college degree. On average, a trade school education costs $30,000 in the U.S. While that’s not cheap, it is considerably lower than the average cost of a four-year college degree.

Lower education costs mean fewer or no student loans, which also allows you to start your career with less debt or with no debt – which means you keep more of the money you make over the long term.

Skilled trades offer a measure of job security.

Most skilled trades jobs must be done in a particular location, which means that they’re difficult or impossible to outsource to another state or country. For instance, electrical work in a Minneapolis building must be done where the building is located; the building cannot be sent overseas to have its electrical systems repaired.

As a result, those in the skilled trades experience a measure of reassurance their work will always be available wherever they choose to live. If you want to be certain your skills will be needed in Minneapolis even in an era of global commerce, consider a skilled trade.

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