How to Hire Outstanding Managers and Supervisors

Even great teams will struggle to achieve results without great leadership. When seeking managers or supervisors to lead teams in new directions, it’s important to choose a candidate who has both the skills and the cultural fit necessary to inspire your team.

Here’s what to look for when seeking leadership talent:

A strong, honest communicator.

The best leaders know how to both give and take communication. Often, they prioritize listening over speaking, since they know that mindful listening is one of the best tools they have for identifying problems, understanding context and spotting solutions.

During interviews, look for candidates who both listen and speak effectively. Ask how they’ve handled communication in the past, in both everyday contexts and when conflicts arise. And watch how they communicate throughout the hiring process: A candidate who drops off the map except when contacted is unlikely to stay responsive to a team.

A lack of glamor.

It can be tempting to hire “larger than life” managers and supervisors, especially when a team really needs a turnaround. The best leaders will have achievements to name, but they’ll also have a long track record of rolling up their sleeves and doing the unglamorous work.

Look for managers and supervisors who are quick to take on thankless tasks to ensure the team has what it needs to thrive. During interviews, listen for the number of times a candidate uses the word “I” versus the word “we.” Listen for the contexts in which these words are used: A candidate who ascribes successes to “we” and setbacks to “I” is more likely to think in terms of supporting their team.

An additional perspective (or two).

Working with a recruiting firm can help you find leadership candidates that offer a better fit with your organization and its needs. Your recruiter can help screen candidates, provide perspective on their capabilities and work with you to streamline the hiring process, so you find the right leader in less time.

At THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC, our recruiters can help you connect with some of the best leadership talent in the Edina area. Contact us today to learn more.

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