Need to Hire This Summer in Minnesota? Here’s How to Start

Summer is often a “hot time” for hiring in the Twin Cities. Many companies require seasonal help during this time, while others see the results of their early-year growth plans start to take off, requiring the assistance of additional long-term staff.

Whether you need temporary or permanent team members, one fact remains the same: You need those you hire to be qualified and ready for the challenges they’ll face. Here’s how to ensure you find the people you need.

Review previous hiring rounds.

If you hired seasonal staff last year, review your notes. If you hired a permanent staff member for a long-term position, review that process as well.

What worked well? What failed? What was “okay” but could have been improved, and what results would you have liked to see?

By understanding where you’ve been, you can make plans to improve this summer’s hiring.

Understand the details and demands of the job.

One of the biggest reasons new hires struggle – or quit – is because the job they are asked to do when they arrive doesn’t match the job described in the posting or during the interview. When you can let candidates know exactly what to expect, they can decide whether to apply based on their abilities, saving you time and effort in “weeding out” unqualified candidates.

If possible, talk to others who held the job previously. Find out what a regular “day in the life” looks like. Talk to the position’s supervisors to understand exactly what the benchmarks for success look like and how each staff member is asked to achieve them.

Work with a recruiter.

With your “wish list” for this summer’s hiring and your list of the job’s specific demands in mind, contact your recruiting firm. Your recruiter can turn this information into a compelling, accurate job post and can also use it to help you craft a hiring strategy that ensures you have the people you need just in time for summer.

At THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC, our recruiters can help you find the qualified people you need to help your business thrive this summer and into the future. Contact us today to learn more.

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