Before the Job Search: How to Clean Up Your Online Presence and Create a Personal Brand Using Social Media

The internet has become the preferred job search tool for most job seekers. Before you start seeking and applying to jobs, however, it’s important to see yourself the way the internet (and hiring managers) sees you.

In today’s job search, you’re more than just your resume. You’re also your online behavior, and the way you act online can make or break your chances of receiving a job offer.

When you take charge of your online profile, you gain an outstanding tool for selling yourself as a professional. Here’s how:

1. Start with a search.

Begin by running your own name through several online search engines. Make a list of what comes up, grouped by category: social media sites, news articles and pieces you control, such as blogs. Be sure to check through several pages of search results.

2. Tighten up your social media profiles.

Next, check each one of your social media profiles, beginning with any that appeared in search engines. Tighten up your privacy settings and change your photo to a clear, professional-looking head shot. Most social media sites have a tool that allows you to view your profile the way an “outsider” would, so take advantage of this tool to see what hiring managers will see.

3. Leverage LinkedIn.

You can easily bump your professional LinkedIn profile to the top of your online search results by simply engaging with the site a few times a week. Update your profile; then post an item of your own work or share interesting articles at least once a week. You’ll be developing a professional online presence that will rise to the top of search engine rankings, helping your career skills and passion to stand out to hiring managers.

4. Address any problematic content.

If you find articles, blog posts or other items of problematic content that you don’t control, you can contact the website’s administrator to attempt to get the pieces taken down. This can be especially helpful if an item like a blog post is outright offensive or slanderous. If attempts to contact the administrator don’t work, use tools like LinkedIn or your own blog to bury the problematic results.

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