Moving Forward: What You Shouldn’t Do If Your Top Candidate Rejects Your Offer

Bouncing back after a candidate says “thanks, but no thanks” is essential – and it depends as much on what you avoid doing as it does on what you choose to do.

Previously, we talked about what hiring managers should do if a candidate rejects an offer. Here, we’ll talk about what you shouldn’t do and how your staffing agency can help you take a more proactive path instead.

Take it personally.

In most cases, a candidate who turns down a job offer isn’t doing it because the employer messed up. They turn down the offer because a competing offer sounds more appealing or because a counteroffer from their current employer convinced them to give their current job one more chance.

Even when a candidate does turn down a job offer because of some specific cultural trait or quirk of your organization, don’t take it personally. The candidate is saying the fit isn’t right – and saving you both some stress in the future.

Dive right back into your candidate pool …

Many hiring managers’ first instinct is to save time by searching through the pile of “second-best” candidates to find someone else who can fill the position. Unless you have an equally strong second choice in mind, avoid this temptation. The second-best pile is “second best” for a reason.

Instead, give your recruiter a call to discuss the rejection and how to proceed.

… or wait for the elusive “perfect candidate.”

Diving right back into the resume pile isn’t always helpful, and waiting for your ideal candidate to show up will likely result in a long-term opening on your team, too. Chances are, the candidate who rejected your offer was impressive but not ideal. You’re looking for someone with a similar profile – not the “knight in shining armor” who is unlikely to appear.

Give up.

Whether the candidate gave you a reason they walked away from the offer, reconsider the hiring process and your options. Talk to your staffing partner about what you might change. Look at every step of the hiring process, from job descriptions to interviews, onboarding and compensation offerings. Your recruiter can help with a long-term strategic staffing plan that will help you ensure you attract and retain qualified talent when you need them.

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