5 Things to Quantify on Your Resume That Employers Will Love

When it comes to your resume, results beat lists of skills – and results you can put a number on beat results you can’t. Even if you don’t typically work with numbers, here are five things to quantify on your resume to catch the attention of employers and encourage them to contact you:


If you serve or supervise people, provide a range that demonstrates how many people you serve or supervise. For instance, instead of saying “Responsible for supervising trainee staff,” say “Supervised 7-10 trainee staff.” Quantifying the number of people or tasks for which you are responsible helps hiring managers understand the scope of your responsibilities.


In addition to ranges, adding the frequency with which you tackled certain tasks can help quantify your work and provide a clearer view of your accomplishments. For instance, you might expand the previous example by adding how often your team of trainees turned over: “Supervised 7-10 trainee staff each month.”


Increases in profitability, improvements in efficiency, decreases in accidents – if you can answer “how much?” something changed on your watch, you can express it as a percentage. For example, instead of “decreased accidents by implementing new safety plan,” try “Implemented updated safety plan that reduced on-site accidents by 40 percent.”


Every company wants to know how a prospective employee can help their bottom line – and there’s no better way to communicate this information by discussing savings in terms of dollar amounts. Combine these with ranges, frequencies or percentages when doing so helps make your case. “Saved the company $200,000 to $350,000 per quarter in 2016 by implementing updated database system” is the sort of resume line that excites hiring managers.


How big is your client base? How many boxes, reports or assignments did you handle? How many people do you serve? Adding a sense of scale helps employers see the impact your work makes. For example, perhaps your latest project “served a population of 4,200 clients in 2016” or you “chaired meetings open to all 200 employees.”

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