7 Reasons to Accept a Temporary Job Opportunity in Minneapolis

If you’re looking for a job, you may have considered temp opportunities—and hesitated. While a temporary position may not be the long-term “dream job” you want, it can also be the exact opportunity you need to land that dream job.

Here are seven reasons to consider taking a temp position in Minneapolis:

Gain work experience.

Fewer interview topics are tougher to tackle than the dreaded “What happened during this gap in your work history?” question. With a temp position, you can fill the gap and demonstrate you have the initiative to keep building your skills in between long-term positions.

Take advantage of the diverse economy.

Minneapolis’s business sector is outpacing nearly every other metropolitan area in the Midwest, and the city has been ranked the second biggest U.S. city for innovation. The growing economy provides opportunities for you to try out new things in a temporary position.

“Test drive” an employer.

When you take a temp job, you get firsthand experience with an employer’s culture and processes. It’s a great way to find out if your “dream job” really is a dream—or a nightmare.

A low unemployment rate means a competitive market.

Minneapolis has one of the lowest unemployment rates of any metropolitan area, which means employers are scrambling to find qualified talent. Considering temp positions expands your options even further.

Demonstrate you’re the best candidate for the (permanent) job.

When you “test drive” an employer with a temporary position, you also get the chance to audition for the long-term job instead of merely interviewing for it. Focus on temp work with companies that interest you to show you’ll be a great fit for the team in the long term, too.

Expand your network with highly qualified co-workers.

Minneapolis’s workforce is one of the most educated in the country. At every temp job, you’ll be expanding your professional network with other educated, qualified professionals. Any one of them may offer a wealth of insights or the “inside tip” you need to find your dream job.

Get paid.

Get paid while you search for a permanent position? With temp work, it’s an option. Choose a position that offers the schedule you need to maintain your job search, get real job experience, expand your network, and get paid to do it all.

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