How LinkedIn Can Help You Get Found by a Top Recruiter

The best companies in the Maple Grove area use recruiters to fill their positions. But where do recruiters find the candidates they recommend to these employers?

Often, the same place you find new networking connections and information about companies: on LinkedIn.

The only social networking site devoted exclusively to professional networking, LinkedIn is used by over 150 million professionals worldwide, including some of the best recruiters. To create a LinkedIn presence that gets you noticed by top recruiter, follow these tips.

Complete your profile.

Profiles that are 100 percent complete, or that reach “All Star” status on LinkedIn, show up in search results higher than incomplete profiles. They also offer a more comprehensive profile summary or “snapshot” that recruiters are more likely to click.

Make sure your work history is filled out. Include clear job titles, well-written job descriptions describing your key duties and accomplishments, fill out your Skills section and upload work samples that demonstrate some of your best accomplishments.

Review job descriptions for keywords; then use them in your profile.

What words are used again and again to describe the top skills required in your field?  Read several job descriptions for jobs you’d like to have, noting which words are repeated. Then, use these words in your own LinkedIn profile. Keywords in your headline help you describe the work you’re looking for; keywords used to describe your past accomplishments demonstrate you’re a great candidate for the job.

Connect for the job you want, not the job you have.

While there’s little evidence LinkedIn will rate your profile differently if you have lots of connections on the site versus only a few, recruiters want to see you’re using LinkedIn to connect with others in your industry and keep track of information.  Thus, it’s wise to make some connections. An added bonus: You’ll also be building your own professional network, which can help you hear about job openings or opportunities you might otherwise have missed.

At THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC, our recruiters focus on connecting job seekers to some of the best companies and job openings in the Maple Grove area. Contact us today to learn more about our employment opportunities in Minnesota and beyond.

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