7 In-Demand Soft Skills Employers Look for When Hiring

There’s nothing “soft” about “soft skills.”  Soft skills are also known as transferable skills – the skills that can be developed in nearly any work setting and that translate to nearly any other work setting.

Because soft skills are transferable, you can use even the most checkered employment background to demonstrate you’ve developed the skills that are most coveted by employers. Here are seven of the most “in-demand” soft skills among employers today:


The ability to communicate effectively in both speech and print is essential in nearly any job, and vital to any climb up the career ladder. Showcase your communication skills to give your resume a boost.


Few workplace goals are accomplished alone.  When you understand how your particular skills boost a team’s productivity, and when you’re willing to lend a hand, you establish yourself as the type of team player the modern workforce needs.

Organizational Thinking

How does your work fit into the big picture? What goals does it advance? What problems does it solve? The better you get at thinking about your role within an organization, the better equipped you’ll be to demonstrate your value to employers.

Critical and Creative Thinking

Thinking outside the box to solve problems and spot potential issues before they derail a project is a skill you can learn nearly anywhere, whether it’s in a classroom, on a sports team or practicing a new hobby.


The world is changing more quickly than ever. Workers who can adapt to changing deadlines, project demands, and other “curve balls” are in demand. Use examples from your past work to demonstrate times you’ve had to adapt and how you responded successfully.

Time Management

Everyone gets 24 hours in a day. How you use them determines whether you’re a superstar employee, or merely a mediocre one. Think about how you’ve managed the time you had in past projects, and how that helped you succeed – or showed you where you needed to improve.

Technical Literacy

Not everyone needs to be a computing genius. But to do well in today’s work world, you’ll want to have a basic understanding of the most common computer software in your field, as well as the curiosity to learn more and figure out the most efficient ways to use common tech tools.

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