Shy? Here’s How You Can Still Stand out in the Workplace

Shy. Quiet. Introverted.  No matter which word you use, if you’re a person for whom reserve and thoughtfulness are daily habits, you might find it tough to get noticed in a workplace full of more boisterous colleagues.

The good news is that shyness and introversion have their own strengths.  Here’s how to stand out in the workplace without adopting a whole new personality.

  1. Use a portfolio to showcase your work. If the thought of giving an “elevator pitch” of your skills leaves you cold, skip it. There are other great tools at your disposal, like building an online portfolio.  Tools like LinkedIn, Squarespace or even a blog can help you demonstrate your expertise and highlight your biggest accomplishments.
  2. Think about how to use your shyness as strength. You can waste energy lamenting you’re not more outgoing, or you can find a way to use your shyness as strength. Do you like to focus on solitary work like research or coding?  Those hours can be the most productive in the office.  Plus, being able to hole up in your office or cubicle and get your work done demonstrates you’re self-motivated.  Taking the time to decompress with a book or a walk helps you be more creative and innovative when you return to work.  And being the last one to talk in a meeting means you’ve spend the previous time digesting other people’s comments – so you can offer an insight that perhaps they have overlooked.
  3. Focus on quality relationships, not quantity. Some people are known in the office for being “everybody’s buddy.” Others connect with a few colleagues or their supervisor and develop long-lasting, strong professional relationships.  If you’re less social by nature, embrace your ability to deepen relationships rather than know everyone on a superficial level.

While you’re building quality relationships, consider reaching out to a recruiter.  Your recruiter immediately expands your professional network with their deep knowledge of your industry and the people who make it work.  And when it comes to advancing your career, your recruiter can be your strongest ally.

At THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC, our recruiters connect with some of the best employers in Edina and Minneapolis.  We can help you improve your position at work or find a new employer who offers better chances for your skills to shine.  Contact us today to learn more about our job opportunities in Edina and the greater Twin Cities region.

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