4 Critical Questions to Ask During a Job Interview

When you prepare for a job interview, do you consider the questions you’re going to ask – or only the questions you’re expecting to answer?

If you don’t walk into the interview with a list of your own questions, you’re missing the best opportunity to learn whether or not this job will be the right fit for you.  Since you’ll spend half or more of your waking hours at work, make sure you’re connecting with a job and a company you’ll truly enjoy.

Here are four critical questions to ask during your job interview:

  1. “How did this position come to be open?” This question can tell you both about the internal workings of the company and about potential sources of strife. For instance, the answer “we’re expanding and had to add this position” tells you that you’re walking into a period of uncertainty coupled with optimism; “the last person was a poor fit” gives you the chance to ask why the fit was poor – and determine whether you can offer a better fit.
  2. “Can you walk me through a “day in the life” on this job?” Job descriptions and job postings typically describe a job’s core duties in the most bland and general terms. Get the details by asking for a walkthrough of a typical day.  You’ll learn just how much time you’ll spend answering phones, sorting paperwork or chatting with colleagues.
  3. “How does the company help employees build their skills and advance?” Nobody likes to be stuck in a dead-end job. By asking up front about the company’s professional development and advancement methods, you’ll be able to determine whether there is a concrete plan to help you grow as a professional, or if you’ll be forced to find your own way.
  4. “What do you like best about working here?” Many interviewers say that how a person answers a question is more important than what they say. Put that rule to use as you ask this question.  An interviewer who answers the question with enthusiasm is telling you that the company is worth being enthusiastic about.

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