What Traits Do Employers Look for In Job Applicants?

When a hiring manager reads job applications, they’re looking for candidates with the technical skills and experience to do the job well. But they’re also looking for people with the personality traits and soft skills to fit into the workplace and make a difference.

What traits are those?  Here are some of the hottest candidate traits on the Twin Cities job market today:

Ability to Learn

Not only do job candidates face the steep “learning curve” of handling a new job, they’ll also need to continue to learn, grow and adapt as technologies change or opportunities for promotion come their way. The ability to listen and learn from your mistakes can put you ahead of the pack.

Adaptability and Flexibility

New computer system?  Last-minute deadline change?   A team of temporary or seasonal staff? In every job, things change – and the best candidates are those who can change right along with the moment.  Highlight a time that a change caused a challenge, and how you rose to the occasion.


Very few jobs are done in isolation. Instead, companies work as teams to achieve goals larger than any one person could accomplish alone. To thrive in the workplace, you’ll need to continually improve your teamwork skills; to stand out from other job applicants, you’ll need to emphasize your team-based accomplishments in your job applications.


Gone are the days of Henry Ford, when a worker might be hired to install one screw or weld one seam – all day, every day. Today, workers need to be able to wear several different “hats,” especially when they apply for a position in a small business. The ability to prioritize tasks and use your time efficiently is especially valuable when you’re trying to convince Twin Cities employers you’re the right person for the job.

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