11 Phrases to Incorporate Into Your Interview Vocabulary

When you give an interview, you want to stand out from the other candidates – for all the right reasons.  Here are eleven phrases that can help you do just that.

  1. “I can help this company by….” Employers have one big question: “How does hiring this person help us?” Do your research, and talk about how your skills will help this company achieve its goals.
  2. “I’ve been successful at every phase of my career.”  Follow this phrase with specific examples of accomplishments that line up with the skills or experience the hiring managers are looking for.
  3. “For example, ….” Help your best accomplishments “stick” in the interviewers’ minds by offering a concrete, vivid example of each one. Examples with specific numbers can really help your accomplishments stand out.
  4. “We had this problem….” Avoid appearing to “bash” former colleagues or supervisors by always focusing on the issue, not the people. For instance, if you’re asked about your ideal qualities in a co-worker, focus on what you want – not on how past co-workers failed to live up to that standard.
  5. “I learned that….” When employers ask about your weaknesses or failures, they want to know what you learned from the experience and how you respond to it now. Always explain what you learned whenever you talk about a setback.
  6. “I can do that.” If you can handle a particular task or project, say so! Let the company know up front that you’re interested and willing to contribute.
  7. “I can learn.” If you can’t currently handle a particular task or project, focus instead on your ability and willingness to learn what it takes to do the job well.
  8. “I’m an excellent candidate because….” Similar to “I can help this company by,” this phrase focuses on what you can do and why your skills are ideal for the company and the job. Focus on this specific position – not on your qualifications generally.
  9. “How do I stack up with what you’re looking for?” This question helps you understand what the hiring managers want in their next staff member. It lets you know whether there are any points you have missed that you should emphasize.
  10. “What do you love most about working here?” This question lets you gather information about whether this company is the right place for you. Watch for enthusiasm – if no one “lights up” when they answer this question, chances are that the job won’t give you the inspiration you need to do your best work, either.
  11. “I’m really excited about working for this company.” Enthusiasm is often the deciding factor when hiring managers must choose between two top candidates. Express your excitement about working for the company to be the one they pick.

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