How Diversifying Your Skill Set Can Help Advance Your Career

Moving forward on your career path can take many forms.  You may choose to move upward into a conventional management position, leading and overseeing those who do the work you currently do.  Or you may choose to move into a specialist position.  Some professionals even venture out on their own, into a startup or contract work that allows them to use and sharpen a particular skill set.

All of these paths have one thing in common: You can launch them by diversifying your current skill set.  Here’s how.

Management: Expand Your Leadership Skills

Advancing into a management position demands that you not only know your current job cold, but you also have the skills necessary to become a good leader.  Practice in delegating, communication, evaluating others’ abilities and identifying and resolving potential conflicts can all help you demonstrate you are management material – and they can all be learned.  Focus on these skills to increase your opportunities for taking on a role as leader.

Specialists: Become the Local Expert

Leadership doesn’t appeal to everyone.  If you want to move forward in your career, but would prefer not to be in charge of the team, a specialist position can give you the opportunity to dig more deeply into a specific area of work.  By becoming a specialist, you become your company’s “local expert” in your area, giving you a boost of respect as well as a potential boost in pay.  To aim for a specialist position, learn about the area you’d like to enter, and focus on classes, seminars, books and other tools to learn what specialists know.

Contract Positions: Get Paid to Learn New Things

Have a highly sought-after skill you’d like to develop?  Contract positions are a great way to do what you like best, develop new skills on innovative projects and get paid for the opportunity.  In addition, contract work allows you to “test drive” employers so you can choose the environment that suits you best.

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