Six Reasons You Should Partner With a Staffing Firm

Does your business specialize in a niche market? If so, you may find it difficult and time-consuming to find talent that fits well with your organization. But you have a fast, easy solution: Staffing agencies that specialize in your industry can help you find the best-matched talent you need, saving you valuable time. And time is money.

Benefits of a staffing partnership

Partnering with a recruiter to find high-quality candidates can help your business in the following ways:

  1. Improve staff quality. Recruiters have access to both active and passive candidates, plus contacts throughout the industry. They also understand what makes a worker qualified to do well in your niche market. You’ll be able to find the candidates you need, thus improving the overall quality of your workforce.
  2. “Rent to own.” If you’re looking for a full-time permanent employee, a staffing agency affords you a unique opportunity. You’ll get to work with a person on a temporary basis first to be sure they fit well with your company. This is an option you normally would not have with standard hiring practices.
  3. Save time. It’s no secret that the hiring process is time-consuming. After all, recruiters do this as their full-time job! Working with a staffing agency, you’ll be able to focus on managerial tasks, while your recruiter focuses their attention on finding and placing candidates—and with industry connections that make it much faster than finding employees on your own.
  4. Decrease spending. If you hire temp workers, they are technically still employed by the staffing agency, and you won’t be required to cover benefits. Also, a recruiter will help you find workers that stick—allowing you to avoid turnover and the high cost of replacing an employee.
  5. Improve employee engagement. This benefit is two-fold. First, you’re working with a recruiter who understands the ins and outs of your industry, so they’ll place candidates who have the necessary qualifications. And a good placement means your new worker can hit the ground running. Second, patching up holes in your workforce with new employees means none of your full-timers will need to pick up the slack in the meantime.
  6. Improve flexibility. Let’s say you have an upcoming project and will need additional workers, but only until the project is complete. Or an employee will be out on maternity leave or disability and you want to maintain a full staff. A recruiter can place you with the temporary workers you need to ensure business runs as usual.

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