Insider Secrets to Mastering Aptitude Testing

Many employers use aptitude tests to determine which candidates are best qualified for which jobs. Each test has a standardized method of administration and scoring, and results may be compared across test-takers in a region or nationwide in addition to being used to evaluate particular candidates.

If you’re looking at a job that demands an aptitude test, don’t panic. You can prepare for these tests just as you prepare for an interview or other job-search event.  Here’s how.

  1. Take practice tests online. Increasingly, aptitude tests are given by computer. Most aptitude tests have free practice tests online. Use these to get a feel both for the computer controls and the questions that will be on the test itself.
  2. Find out about the details ahead of time. How long will the test be? What kind of questions will be on the test? Where will you be expected to take it – can you do it from home, or will you take it at the employer’s business, an assessment center, or your recruiter’s office? Knowing the details will allow you to focus on the test itself.
  3. Arrive prepared. Bring the tools the test will allow you to use. For instance, many tests allow the use of a calculator, scratch paper, and a pen or pencil. Bring these even if you don’t expect to need them – it can’t hurt you, and you may just have what you need to solve a tough question when you need it most.
  4. Read all the instructions before you start. For some tests, an administrator will read these instructions to you. For others, you’ll have to read them yourself. Make a special note of how long you have to take the test, and use this to figure out approximately how long you should spend on each question.
  5. Don’t expect to know everything. Many aptitude tests seek to measure not only what you know, but what you haven’t learned or mastered yet. As a result, they may ask questions that range from simple to seemingly impossible. Remember, the goal isn’t to master the test, but to get a clear picture of what you can do and how you learn so you can find the right job for you.

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