How to Stay Positive During a Drawn out Job Search

Sticking to the “daily grind” of a job search isn’t easy. As the weeks pass, it can be harder and harder to muster the same enthusiasm you once had. But a positive outlook is a must for landing a great new job – so here’s how to stay positive as you search.

  1. Make room for your feelings. There’s no “right” way to feel about your job search – and there’s no “wrong” way to feel about it either. You’ll have days you feel confident and excited, and days you feel lonely and discouraged. Give yourself permission to feel whatever emotion you’re having in the moment. Then, keep moving forward.
  2. Break up your day. Focusing on any one task for too long is a great way to exhaust yourself mentally. Break up your daily job search with regular exercise, relaxation techniques, a few errands or chores, or a quick trip to the local coffee shop. The change of pace will help you de-stress, and give your brain the chance to see things in a different light. And exercise is a great way to boost your mood.
  3. Give yourself XP. XP, or “experience points,” are what keep video game players pushing forward to the next level. They reward the player for trying new things, for succeeding at challenges, and for learning from mistakes. Gain XP in your job search by focusing on what’s going right. What were the three best things you did in that last interview? What were your top five job-search achievements this week? What did you learn from your last application that you used to improve the current one?
  4. Ask for help. Skip busy “networking events” in favor of the people who already know you and value your skills. Schedule a get-together with a member of your professional network once a week, even if it’s just for coffee. If you need additional help, call a recruiter. Your staffing partner can connect you with great companies who are looking for professionals in your field.

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