2016 Unofficial Minnesota Strategic Staffing Handbook

Staffing in the Twin Cities has gotten more difficult as the economy has roared back to life. Now, top talent in many fields is in high demand – and companies that don’t staff strategically find themselves missing out.

Here’s how you can take a proactive approach to staffing that helps you ensure you’ll find the right candidates when you need them:

Know where you came from.

As the markets change, so does a smart company’s approach to staffing. Start by taking a look at last year’s staffing strategies and outcomes. What worked well? What didn’t? How smoothly did the hiring process go? If there were challenges or obstacles, did your approach to overcoming them work well?

By identifying your staffing plan’s strengths and weaknesses, you’ll develop a guide for focusing your efforts on turning weak points into strong ones. Your recruiter can help.

Know what you want for the coming year.

What are your company’s goals for 2016? List each goal on a sheet of paper, then list the people and skills that will be indispensable in turning that goal into a reality. If you already have the employees you want to assign to each goal, list their names. If you don’t, make a note: You’ll be hiring here in the next several months.

Reach out to candidates where they are.

Simply posting a job opening and then waiting to see who applies can seem simple, but it also leaves you to the mercy of chance. Will top candidates even see the posting, and if so, will they choose to apply?

In addition to a standard job posting, reach out to top talent where they currently work, present, and offer their contributions. Join LinkedIn groups, attend job fairs, and go to conferences and seminars to talk to leaders in the field directly. Even if they aren’t interested in a job change, they may know just the right “rising star” who is.

Work closely with your recruiter.

Staffing firms specialize in helping their clients staff strategically, so they can find the best people at the right time. Talk to your recruiter about your anticipated needs, goals, and staffing budget.

At THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC, our experienced recruiters can help you staff more strategically in the coming year. Contact us today to learn more.

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