Struggling to Find a Job in the Twin Cities? Read This!

News of the rebounding economy and the thousands of jobs added every month sounds great – unless you’re one of the many Twin Cities residents who is still struggling to find a position that meets your needs and leverages your skills. You’re not alone. If you’re still on the job hunt, try putting these strategies to work for you:

Trumpet your accomplishments.

The longer you search for a job, the easier it can be to give in to the urge to cut corners. You might start sending “one-size-fits-all” resumes or “updating” your resume by seeing just how many skill-related buzzwords you can fit into a single line.

While this can feel productive, it can also end up keeping you on the job market longer than you want to be. Instead of attempting to “go generic” or to cover every possible skill an employer might want, read each job posting with a fresh mind. As you read, think about specific accomplishments you’ve completed in past work or volunteer roles that used the skills listed in the job posting. Make these the basis of your resume, cover letter, and interview responses.

Phone a friend.

“Networking” brings to mind a series of boring events in which your goal is to shake as many hands and spread as many business cards as possible. But, like the one-size-fits-all resume, this approach wastes your time and rarely produces results.

Instead, network by reconnecting with people you already know and like. Call two different friends, family members, or colleagues this week and arrange to meet for lunch or coffee. While you’re there, talk about your job search and the position you want most. People who know you and respect your work are far more likely to recommend you than those who have only your business card.

Talk to a recruiter.

Staffing partners specialize in matching job seekers with companies that offer the career path and cultural “fit” that will allow career-minded individuals to thrive. Your recruiter can help you get your job search back on track and bring it to a faster, more satisfying end.

At THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC, our experienced recruiters will help you match your skills and work style with the Twin Cities employers who are right for you. Contact us today to learn more.

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