6 Job-Search Tips for the Digital Age

The Internet is one of the most powerful job-search tools at your fingertips…if you know how to use it. Here are six ways to leverage the Web in order to help you find a better job in less time:

  1. Do your research. The Internet makes it easier than ever to learn about each potential employer before you apply. Spend time with each company’s website. Run their name through Google News to find recent press releases and news articles about their work. Learn everything you can in order to see where they most need help – and use this information when you demonstrate your potential value to the company.
  2. Choose quality, not quantity. The Internet makes it easy to put a form resume in more places in less time than ever before. Do this, however, and you run the risk of being lost in the shuffle. Instead, take the time to research companies you’d most like to work for and positions you’re genuinely qualified to fill. Leverage the Internet to do this research more quickly and effectively; then send a resume and cover letter to each company that looks like a good fit. You’ll immediately stand out from the crowd because you’ve demonstrated that you’re interested in this
  3. Update your resume daily. Even small changes in your resume will get picked up by search engines, helping your application materials stay at the top of results. Update your resume frequently – every day, if possible. Ensure that it includes the keywords that companies and recruiters are most likely to use when seeking professionals in your field.
  4. Establish a clear online presence. Most companies expect that professionals who take pride in their work will be easy to find online. Create a LinkedIn profile with complete information, update it regularly, and use sites like Facebook and Twitter to follow employers and professionals in your field.
  5. Clean up your online presence. While you’re making yourself easy to find on social media, make sure these sites show you in your best professional light. Delete or set to “private” any postings that involve personal information or that don’t show you as a strong, competent professional. A professional blog or online portfolio is another way to showcase your work while keeping your online image strong.
  6. Connect with your recruiter online. Staffing firms know that your job search doesn’t end when their office hours do. That’s why they offer job boards, blogs, and other resources you can access around the clock. Take full advantage of the resources available on your staffing firm’s website and social media accounts in order to ensure you don’t miss a single opportunity.

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