How to Craft (and Manage) Your Employment Brand

In a tough hiring market, simply posting a job opening and waiting for applicants isn’t enough to attract top talent. Instead, companies seeking to find candidates who offer the right skills and the right cultural “fit” must build a strong employment brand.

Your organization’s employer brand tells candidates, customers, and stakeholders what you value most as a company. It’s a way to communicate the organization’s personality and culture, as well as to align that personality and culture with the company’s core mission and values.

Why create (and manage) an employment brand?

Companies that create, present, and manage a clear and consistent employment brand attract talented candidates who not only offer the right skills, but also offer the right personality “fit.” A good fit, in turn, leads to higher retention, increased productivity, and improved motivation and morale.

Creating your company’s employment brand: Start here

If your company hasn’t yet given much thought to its employer brand, start by asking these questions:

  • What do current employees love most about working here? What would they recommend to a friend who wanted to apply to work here?
  • What roles within the company are most crucial to its success? What do you need to do to attract and retain the best talent for these roles?
  • How would current employees describe their own personalities and approaches to work? How would they describe the company’s personality and approach to work?
  • What is the company’s stated mission? What are its core values? How do these align with what employees have to say about working here?

Managing your company’s employment brand: Leverage the power of the Internet

Top candidates can be found scouring the Internet for their next career move, so it pays to join the online conversation. Through the company’s website, social media channels, blog and other tools, your organization can both communicate its employer brand and manage the information that builds it.

Consider starting on LinkedIn, the only social media site geared specifically at the work world. A strong LinkedIn presence helps top candidates find your company more easily, and managing employer brand information and awareness is easy by simply adding items to your profile’s news feed. Your staffing firm can help you learn to leverage LinkedIn to your advantage and offer other ways to announce your employer brand to the candidates you need.

At THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC, our experienced recruiters can help you build the employment brand you need to attract top talent in the Somerset, WI or Twin Cities areas. Contact us today to learn more about our recruiting services in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

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